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Project Description
Toolchain that is used to extend programs with Visual Studio PDB custom debug information. Can be used to enable callstack view in Visual Studio.

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Did you ever wonder how to enable debug symbols in Visual Studio for games that you are reverse engineering? This is the way. Provide a path to your game executable along with a symbols.txt file and this toolchain will generate a PDB file that is automatically linked to a newly generated "custom debug" copy of your game, completely binary compatible with your original executable.

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Recommended Compiler: Visual Studio 2017

How to get started:
- copy the MSPDBCORE.DLL file from your Visual Studio program files folder into the "output" folder of the repository (as of VS2017)
- pass the path to the to-be-debugged executable using cmdline args

Please note that in order to get the full source code of this tool you have to perform a SVN checkout. It will download external modules aswell that are required for compilation.

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